Child Safety Standards at Kilmore PS

Schools have an important responsibility for keeping children safe. The Victorian Parliamentary inquiry into child abuse presented fifteen recommendations in the Betrayal of Trust Report. The fifteen recommendations aim to protect children from all forms of abuse and neglect through civil law, criminal law reform and the establishment of Child Safety Standards.

The seven Child Safety standards are:

  • strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety
  • a child safety policy
  • a child safety code of conduct
  • human resource practices that reduce the risk of child abuse
  • procedures for responding and responding to allegations
  • child safety risk management strategies
  • participation and empowering children

All schools in Victoria must be compliant with the new legislation by 1 August 2016. To align with the new legislation we have developed a Child Safety Policy and reviewed the KPS Mandatory Reporting Policy. These policies will be presented at the August school council meeting for ratification. The leadership team and school staff will review other relevant policies and procedures to reflect the changes to the legislation to ensure our school has an embedded organisational culture of child safety, critical to protecting the basic rights of children to feel safe and be safe at all times.


Julie McCarthy

Assistant Principal, Student Wellbeing

Kilmore Primary School